14 Oct 2019
Tony James Junior Cross Country - Report & Results

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The Tony James annual Junior Cross Country event took place on Tuesday, thankfully in dry conditions! 10 Schools travelling to participate in this prestigious event, with over 300 children running in either the Y4 fun race or competitive Y5/6 race. Bromley High were well represented, 38 girls in total took part; for some this was their very first experience of a cross country race! The Y5 and Y6 race was first to go. Covering a distance of around 2300m, the track looped and weaved across the school fields, challenging the stamina of the best of them. Marjolaine (5th) and Sophie (10th) finished in medal positions, with Rowan (11th) and Martha (17th) also scoring for the team. The team were placed 3rd overall, a fantastic achievement. The Y4 race was a little more welcoming to ease them into cross country style racing. They covered just 1 lap of the route, around 1150m, though still quite a challenge. They controlled their pace very well throughout to enable them all to complete the route and finish with a sprint! Congratulations to Rosie (3rd) and Freya (4th) who collected medals for their top 10 finishes, but also to the rest of the Y4 team on completing your first Tony James cross country!

Cross Country Girls-U11A
Pupil Form Postion
Marjolaine Mauduit Y6H 5
Caitlin Hough Y6B 22
Caitlin Miller Y6H 40
Angela Lear Y6H 44
Victoria Brady Y6H 54
Rhea Jajodia Y6B 74
Alisha Patel Y6B 81
Grace Fisher Y6B 96
Phoebe Murray Y6B 98
Sophia Crawford Y6B 114
Cross Country Girls-U10A
Pupil Form Postion
Sophie Fleming Y5H 10
Rowan Pearson Y5B 11
Martha Perrett Y5H 17
Mariana Caceres Camiloaga Y5H 19
Madaleine Matthews Y5H 39
Grace Reynolds Y5B 68
Aara Chima Y5H 69
Grace Andrews Y5B 89
Emily Laws Y5B 97
Lucy Sebatch Y5H 104
Lia Coppola Y5B 106
Filza Ladha Y5H 112
Poppy Hopkins Y5B 122
Emma Rushton Y5B 143
Anika Patel Y5B 144
Cross Country Girls-U9A
Pupil Form Postion
Rosie Berryman Y4H 3
Freya Pearson Y4H 4
Hetty Evans Y4H 22
Sarah Abraham Y4H 24
Jessica Robertson Y4B 43
Georgia Lewis Y4B 49
Coco-Isabella McHugh-Rowe Y4B 53
Sahana Rameswaran-Kangesan Y4B 57
Jennifer Luo Y4B 66
Isabella Annett Y4H 73
Jessica Baldwin Y4H 77
Cecilia Shaw Y4H 80
Ava Brampton Y4B 81